Apollo was one of the Olympian gods, god of the light, the music and the dance, protector of arts and divination. He was also a healing god.

He was son of god Zeus and goddess Leto, twin brother of goddess Artemis. He was born in Delos a few minutes after his sister. As god of divination, he was the founder and principal of Delphi Oracle and revealed his father’s will to humans.

Moreover, as god of music, he was the headmaster of nine Musses, and he was the one who sang at Olympus symposiums, together with the Musses. As goddess Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess, similarly, Apollo was the most beautiful god. He was tall, with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a hairless vigorous body. Despite his beauty, women he desired were cold and uninterested in him. However, his children were famous for their virtues. The best example is god Asclepius, which he had with goddess Koronis.

The god’s main symbol is the lyre.

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