Artemis was goddess of wildlife, hunting, and animals. She was daughter of Zeus and goddess Leto, twin sister of god Apollo. She was born first and even helped her mother to give birth to Apollo and that is why she is also considered as goddess of births. Beautiful and brilliant, she earned the appreciation of the other gods very early. In her three years she had already specific requirements concerning her apparel, her equipment and her favorite hobby, hunting. Zeus admired her for her insistence, and because of her wit, he was very fond of her and satisfied all her desires. The first thing Artemis asked as a gift from her father was eternal purity and virginity. Dedicated to hunting and nature, she did not indulge in the pleasures of marriage and love.

Aktaion, one time happened to see Artemis naked while she was taking a bath. The goddess, fearful of him spreading the incident, transformed him into a deer and put his dogs to scatter him.

Trojan War does not find Artemis indifferent. Together with her brother Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite and Leto, she actively participates with the Trojan side. The Greek fleet, due to the goddess’s apnea, could not begin. This situation had been caused by a random incident of the leader of the Achaeans Agamemnon, who, without realizing it, had once invaded a grove dedicated to Artemis and had killed a holy deer. Artemis was so angry that she demanded the sacrifice of his daughter Iphigenia in order favorable winds to help the Greek ships sail.

Her symbols are the holy deer and the bow.

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