Athena was goddess of wisdom, arts and prudent war. She was daughter of Zeus and Mitis, also goddess of wisdom, a virtue that she bequeathed to her daughter.

Athena’s birth is of particular interest. Zeus learned by a prophecy that, Mitis would give birth to the child who would overthrow his father’s power, so he swallowed her while she was pregnant to Athena. Later, Zeus began to suffer from headaches and called Hephaestus to help him. Then Hephaestus struck Zeus’s head with a big hammer and Athena came out under armor, wearing a helmet and holding a shield. As she saw Zeus, she threw them at his feet, a pattern of recognition as the supreme god.

Eventually she became Zeus’s beloved daughter; he did her all the favors and never punished her for anything. He even allowed her to use his lightning (something that no one else trusted with). She was a sworn virgin along with her half-sister, Artemis and her aunt, Hestia. That’s why she never had a lover or got married, though many wanted her for their wife.

The Parthenon, in Athens, is the most famous Temple dedicated to her.

Athena played a very important role both in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

In the Iliad she had clearly taken Achaeans side, angry with Paris who had not chosen her as the most beautiful goddess, and had gone so far as to defy Zeus‘ commandments and enter secretly into the battle. At one point Athena struck Aphrodite’s chest with her fist, taking her breath and severely injuring her. She attacked Ares too, when she threw him with a huge stone in the soil.

In the Odyssey, she did everything she could to help Odysseus return to his homeland, and when he arrived she helped him get rid of Penelope’s suitors from his home.

The main symbols of Athena are the ape, the spear, the olive and the owl.

The owl, the sacred bird of goddess Athena, is a symbol of wisdom, prudence, but also of the city of Athens.

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