Homer was a poet, the author of the poetic texts of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two of the first texts of the historical period of ancient Greece, also known as the “Homeric Epics”. The Iliad consists of 15,693 verses and refers to the last fifty one (51) days of the Trojan War, which lasted 10 years, according to the myth. The Odyssey consists of about 12,110 verses and depicts Odysseus‘ ten-year struggle for his Nostos (his return to his homeland Ithaca after the conquest of Troy).

His origin seems to have been from Ionia, and his parents were probably Maion and Critiida and it is said that his real name was Melissigenes, because he was born near the river Meles of Smyrna and that he later took the name “Homer“, probably because he was blind. According to some writings, he toured with his works in Greek cities, he gained a great reputation, but in a contest with Hesiod in Chalkida he did not receive a prize, because Hesiod was preferred as a poet who praised peace. Ios Island is referred as his place of death.

Modern researches place his life around 8th century BC and support he was an Ionian minstrel, who continued a long tradition of heroic narrations, and composed the Iliad around 750 BC and the Odyssey around 710 BC.

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