Medusa in Greek mythology is referred to as one of the 3 Gorgones. From
these three sisters Medusa was the mortal one. Her other name was Gorgon, which means wild look.
Daughter of Forky or Forkea and Cetus, Medusa was a “Centauress “in the beginning.
In one version of Mythology, she was a beautiful priestess of Athena whom Poseidon impregnated being transformed into a horse in the sanctuary of Athena.
The Goddess, infuriated by the fact, could not fight Poseidon and so she punished Medusa. She transformed her into a devilish monster, which instead of hair had nakes. Her ugliness was such that anyone staring at her face turned into stone.
Eventually, Perseas killed her, with the help of Athena. Her head, the famous “Gorgonio“, was given to the goddess by the hero.
Athena placed it on her shield, because even dead, Medusa’s head turned anyone looking at it into stone.

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