According to the myth, Pegasus, the most beautiful horse, lived near the valleys of Olympus and the 12 Gods. He was full of courtesy and grace, but very different from the other horses of his generation because he was winged. He had big wings with a great opening!

He is said to be the son of Poseidon and Medusa.

His first feat was when he kicked Mount Helicon and prevented it from lining up and reaching the sky. A water source named Hippocrine appeared at the point where he hit the mountain, which offered inspiration to those who drank from her water.

Many people wanted to harm Pegasus because they were envious of the powers he had. He used to escape with ease, sometimes running and sometimes flying with his huge wings. Bellerophon, son of the King of Corinth, Glafkos, wanted to have Pegasus for his horse. With the help of goddess Athena, and gold bridles, he managed to defeat Pegasus. Since then they became inseparable, and together they accomplished wonderful things, as the power of Pegasus was great and his help valuable.

Bellerophon though, became arrogant. He was constantly bragging and telling everywhere he wanted to fly with Pegasus to Olympus, and take a seat next to the Gods. Zeus was angry with his arrogance and punished him, sending a fly to sting Pegasus. The horse bounced and Bellerophon fell from his back and was killed.

Pegasus continued to fly on his own. He once reached Olympus, and Zeus, who loved him very much, welcomed him with joy and honor. Since then, he lived in Mount Olympus, alongside other Zeus’s horses, and was carrying his lightning. Due to his righteousness and bravery, Zeus gave his name to a constellation to honor him. So, we have in the sky the constellation of Pegasus.

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