Themis, according to Greek mythology, belonged to the Titans, the children of Gaia and Uranus. She represented the common law and punished anyone who committed wrongdoing and violated the rules. She was present at Zeus’s birth and was the one who gave him Amalthea to raise him.

The ancient Greeks were greatly appreciated the goddess of Justice. The whole world’s balance and the order of things were depended on her. They had given her the name Themis, which meant “what is true,” as her speech was respected by gods and people.

When Zeus grew up she married him and lived with him at Olympus. Together they had many daughters, who contributed to the maintenance of order; the Horae, who supervised the works of the people, the Moirai who made peoples’ fades, Astraea who led the lightning, Aedus and Dike.

Themis, apart from goddess of righteousness, is also referred to as a Prophet God, having devised the oracles and rituals that took place in ancient divinations. After her mother, Gaia, she was the one who took over the protection of the Delphi oracle. Later she passed it on to Apollo, after she taught him the meaning of justice and divination.

Libra in her left hand represented justice, while the sword symbolized the rigorous application of it.

Finally, Themis is portrayed blind to emphasize her impartiality to both people and Gods.

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