Tyche or Fortune is a deity of ancient Greek mythology, the goddess of coincidence, and unpredictable. She also represented the personification of the prosperity and wealth of a city. She is considered as one of the Oceanides, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.

In the Hellenistic era and until the end of antiquity, each city had its own patron saint that functioned as a Patroness Goddess. Many of them had defined Tyche as their patron goddess, who had been often depicted in coins. Worth mentioned is the fact that, all public and private cases, as in Athens, began with the wish of “Good Fortune”.

She was considered as a good demon, a mediator between gods and humans. As a goddess of abundance and wealth, she was portrayed in her sanctuary in Thebes keeping Little Pluto and in Smyrna holding in her other hand the Horn of Amalthea, a symbol of abundance.

Another famous statue of her is the chryselephantine statue that Herod Atticus had dedicated to her temple near the Panathenaic Stadium. Finally, it is said that Palamidis had devoted the first dice, which according to tradition, he had devised, at her temple in Argos.

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