Asclepius was the god of medicine that was worshiped all over Greece during antiquity. Although not considered as an important god of Greek mythology, he is a central figure of all heroes-healers. Asclepius is the ideal perception of the healing power of nature, as is perceived even today by humans.

According to the legend, he was a child of god Apollo and one of his many mistresses whose name is unknown. Apollo, as a jealous god he was, was particularly displeased when a crow told him that his mistress was about to marry a mortal. So he punished her by burning her, he saved, though, the fetus from the flames.

Asclepius’s nurture, as well as his education, was undertaken by the worthy centaur Chiron, another interesting therapeutic figure of Greek mythology.

Therefore, although Apollo was the god of healing, it was Chiron who taught the healing art to Asclepius. In his upbringing, significant role plays also another archetype of wisdom, goddess Athena, who offered Asclepius the precious blood of Medusa.

The blood of Medusa was divided into two parts, based on the vein from which it had sprung up. Blood from the right vein could cure humanity, even from death, while blood from the left vein could kill.

Asclepius was raised to become a competent healer, but when he brought Capaneus and Lycurgus back to life, who were killed during the war of Seven against Thebes, and Hippolytus, the son of Theseus, Zeus was anxious for his authority over life and death, and he killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt.

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